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Born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, I attended the Wolverhampton Municipal Grammar School. On leaving school, I went on to take CA articles with an Accountancy practice and an HNC in Business Studies. I have lived in London for most of my adult years, with two short interludes in Kent and Abroad and am truly a West End girl at heart. My career path has taken me on a journey that included working for a Medical Research Council quango - mentioned in a Yes Minister TV script, a Polytechnic that became a University, a restaurant co-owner and the glamour of the fashion industry. 

After sitting a massage course in 1994, I had the opportunity to take over the London College of Massage and Clinic and to coin a phrase, felt like the Victor Kiam of the massage world "I liked the product so I bought the Company!" My background in education and orthodox medicine came in very useful during this steep learning curve.

2001 saw the first edition of Massage World, an idea I had cooking for five years until the right time and the right business partner came along. A typical Gemini, I have had many irons in the fire with communication, writing and media being my strong characteristics.

But enough about working Wendy, what about play? Well, I enjoy as many of you do, the pleasures of reading, films and the odd cocktail or two with friends. I have a passion for Minis having had more than six different models in the past. Regretfully I have never participated in the Italian Job annual run organised by other enthusiasts. A more unusual pastime is from time to time, acting as crew for some friends who are Hot Air Balloonists. Being an Air sign I love the thrill of the skies. It can be hard work but well worth the reward, and I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing the French Alps and the vineyards of Burgundy and the Loire from a wicker basket several hundred feet up. As a bonus there is also a catalogue of stories and escapades for table talk.

I cannot wait to see what the next chapter brings.


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PO Box 54879, London SW1P 9FW
T: 020 7387 9111 


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